Tips for Keeping Mice Out of Your Garage

The mouse is a common pest that can create much harm to a house, by tearing off important things all around. Since the garage is a space commonly used for storing many household materials and car cleaning agents; the attack of mice can be really destructive in this area.

mice in garage

So it is very important to drive out or kill this rodent, to save the garage and its contents from damage. Though it may seem tough to keep mice out of their most favorite nest, there are certain effective techniques to accomplish this goal.

Remove All Food Materials

Usually, many garages are used for storing excess grains, fertilizers, pet foods, and other dry food materials that do not need to be refrigerated. The smells of these food products attract the mice, who find an easy source of foods in these garages.

Therefore, it is best to remove all such materials that can serve as foods for mice and clean up even the minute food particles from the garage floor.

Clear Up All Clutter

A cluttered garage serves as an ideal refuge for mice, where they can build comfortable homes among various objects. Hence, it is essential to clean up the garage totally and throw out all the unnecessary materials.

The dark corners of the garage should be particularly left free, as these places are most favored by mice if found in a cluttered state.  An entirely clean garage floor will discourage the mice to spend time there.

Modify the Garage Door

The garage door should be made of hard materials that cannot be bitten off by the mice. Now, high-quality PVC or metal doors are installed in garages, to prevent the entry of mice. The solid rubber or vinyl thresholds can be fixed below a garage door, to eliminate all risks of mice invasion.

There should not be any gap left while fixing these thresholds and liquid nails can be used for closing up all such gaps.

Seal Off All Holes on the Walls

There may be vents in the walls of a garage for installing the air-conditioning unit or for other purposes. These vents can provide easy access to the garage for all mice, which should be sealed as much as possible.

The drain holes should also be covered with iron nets, to prevent the entry of mice through these drainpipes.

Spray Repellent Chemicals

Several chemicals are now available in the market, which can be sprayed all around a garage, to deter the mice from entering that space. It is better to check whether these chemicals are safe for humans and need to be environment-friendly as well.

Homemade repellent can be prepared by mixing a hot pepper sauce and laundry detergent in a tumbler of water, which is obviously safer for use and effective for driving out mice from a garage.

Baits can also be placed inside or outside a garage, to trap the invading mice and kill them. Various types of rat traps can be purchased from the market, where food particles are added as baits for attracting mice.

House owners may keep active cats as pets, which can kill the mice and keep the garage free from these harmful rodents.