How to Get Oil Stains Out of Concrete

The floors of garages and driveways are usually built of concrete, to render the necessary strength to these surfaces. Though concrete floors are in light or dark shades of gray, brown or charcoal black; oil stains can make these surfaces look ugly.

oil stain concrete

Oil may spill from the fully filled fuel tank of cars and cause these stains on concrete floors. However, there are some effective ways of getting rid of these oil stains from a garage floor.

Application of Detergent

Very high-quality detergent is a common household remedy for cleaning up all the stains caused by oil on concrete floors. The detergent powder or liquid should be spread over the stained spaces and scrubbed forcefully with a hard brush or sponge.

Usually, the oil stains or spots on concrete surfaces are fully cleared through this simple and cost-effective process.

Use of Stain Remover

Many commercial stain removers are available in the market, which can be used for eliminating oil stains from concrete floors. Generally, these cleaners are sold in liquid form and it is best to follow the instructions printed on these packs, to fully get rid of oil stains.

The user needs to pour only the recommended amount of stain remover over the concrete floor of the garage or driveway. Then he needs to wait for some time, as per the directions provided for use. When this cleaning agent settles down, it should be rinsed with a brush and finally washed with water.

Apply Concentrated Cleaner

A concentrated alkaline solution is a good scientific way of cleaning oil stains. Alternatively, an alkaline soap can be used as a mean of eliminating grease from concrete floor.

The concentrated alkaline acts vigorously on oil particles stuck on the concrete flooring so that these particles become looser. Thus, the oil stains can be removed from the concrete surface more easily and quickly.

Get Rid of Stains with Poultice

Poultice is a home remedy that can be applied as a solution for meeting household problems. It is made of different common household materials, which are easily available and have the capacity of removing all stains.

Sawdust, filtering substances, and organic matters like kitty litter are mixed to create such cleaning poultice. A chemical poultice may also be used for this purpose, which constitutes of chemical cleaning agents, like acetone, lacquer thinning agent, and xylene. Any of these poultices can be spread over the stained areas of the concrete floor and then that space should be covered well with a plastic sheet. The action of osmosis occurs between the oil and these absorbing materials, resulting in detaching the oil from the concrete surface.

However, the oil stained area on the concrete floor should be cleaned to free the space from external dirt and dust. The floor should be dried as well, before applying any of these stain removal methods.

The oil stains should be cleaned as soon as possible because older stains become more stubborn and very difficult to clean up completely from the floor. Sometimes, the chosen cleaning agent needs to be applied multiple times, to completely eradicate the tough oil stains out of the concrete surface.