Tips for Organizing Your Garage

The garage is the place where people store their cars and other vehicles safely when not in use. However, many owners also use their garages for storing vehicle parts, things needed for cleaning cars, and also gardening tools of all sizes.

organizing your garage

All these products should be stored in an organized way to leave enough space for parking the cars comfortably in a garage.

Make Wall Shelves or Cabinets

It is a great facility if the owner can build wall cabinets or shelves at his garage. It is a space-saving solution for smaller garages, where all the necessary tools and other materials can be stored safely.

These wall storage systems leave more flooring space for car parking. All the necessary things can be kept in a more organizing manner in these garages. Solid wood planks can be fixed on the walls as open shelves with hooks or screws, where lots of things can be stored.

Corner shelves are effective for storing smaller objects in a garage, like machine oils, small grease cans, wax, and polishing materials.

Mount Wire Shelves on Walls

As building wall cabinets can be quite expensive, many garage owners prefer to mount shelves made of iron or steel wires on the garage walls. These wire racks may be simply hung from hooks fixed on the walls.

Some wire baskets can be fixed all over the walls, for storing all kinds of things at a cheap price. Thus, the garage remains neater and more organized with everything kept at convenient heights. 

Pile Up Bins of Different Colors

Plastic waste paper bins can be a cheap way of storing various garage tools, fishing rods, and even unused household equipment. These bins should be chosen of various colors, to store each type of material in a distinctly colored bin.

All these bins are stacked neatly one over another along the walls, to save space for car parking. These storage bins may also be screwed up to the ceiling of the garage, to store lightweight items of home décor and important tools.

Use Storage Bags

Large canvas bags of bright colors can be used for storing excess home décor items and cleaning agents separately. All these stored items should be made secure from atmospheric humidity, by inserting dryer sheets inside these bags. This way, garage owners can keep all their essential belongings clean and organized.

Maintain Definite Tool Boxes

Different kinds of tools are needed for occasional repairs and regular maintenance of cars in a garage. The numbers of these tools depend on the size of the garage and the number of cars parked there.

All these tools should be stored securely in compact toolboxes of various sizes so that any tool can be easily available at hand when needed.

Create Overhead Storage Space

Several PVC pipes can be installed below the ceiling of the garage, from where long-handled tools, light racks, tubular holders and toolboxes can be hung. It may be simpler to fix some springing claws on the ceiling, to serve the same purpose of hanging useful items.

The entire garage should be well lit with high-power overhead lightings that can fill up every corner of the space with adequate light. The entrance of a garage may be fitted with a motorized sliding door, to save space in the garage.