How to Turn Your Garage Into a Bar

Old garages are often abandoned when there are no cars for parking or a new parking space is created. Then this unused garage can be turned into a bar where the owner can have a great time with his friends.

garage bar

Thus, he can enjoy his spare time by having some drinks, without disturbing other family members. Only a few steps can change the entire ambiance of a dull garage into a lively bar.

Clean Up All the Clutter

First of all, the entire space of the garage should be cleared up. All the unnecessary items stored in this garage can be either put up for sale or may be simply thrown away as garbage. However, useful materials should be shifted elsewhere to be stored safely.

Moreover, all the cobwebs from the corners and ceilings should be brushed off, along with the accumulated dust and dirt from the walls and floors.

Renovate the Walls

Usually, the walls of a garage bear a dull look that should be changed by painting with a brighter shade. Drywall can be installed for insulating the garage from atmospheric heat or cold, after which coatings of chosen paints may be applied on the wall surfaces.

It is best to select the shades of paints according to the choice of the owner or the person who wants to enjoy drinks in this mini bar.

Makeover for Floor and Ceiling

Normally, the floors of all garages are made of concrete, for bearing the heavy weight of vehicles. So this old concrete floor of a garage can be simply polished to render a fresh look, without making any constructional change.

Carpets or rugs of vibrant colors and designs can be used to cover the floor surface, to bring more liveliness to that space. If the garage floor is in damaged condition, then rubberized tiles of interlocking nature may be installed over it, to render a stylish look to the newly formed bar.

The old ceiling may be simply repainted with the same shade chosen for the walls or in milky white color.

Install Suitable Lights

Adequate lighting is essential for creating a lively ambiance in a bar. Thus, it is best to install white LED bulbs hanging from the ceiling of the garage, to fill up the entire space with bright light.

The number of lights to be installed depends on the size of the garage and the power of the bulbs. Some people also prefer a light focusing over the bar table, to ensure the preparations of cocktails to be more accurate.

Place Suitable Furniture

As a normal garage is void of furniture, the owner needs to bring necessary furniture pieces to transform it into a bar. Comfortable stools and a bar counter are the primary requirements of furniture in any mini bar.

A long table of appropriate height can be used as the bar counter, around which all friends can sit together and enjoy their drinks. A refrigerator of suitable size is another vital requirement in this bar, to store all the drinks in cool temperature.

All these guidelines regarding the transformation of the ambiance of a garage to a bar can be followed, to get the desired result.